Fresenius Medical Care

In 2009, Fresenius Medical Care profited from lower energy and raw material prices.

Outside North America, in the International segment, we reached agreements with selected suppliers on high supply volumes and secured long-term supply guarantees. In Europe we benefitted from successful pricing contracts. Due to the weak economic environment, risk management was of great importance at our global procurement processes. In Europe, we implemented a new system with the aim to early identify financial risks at our most important suppliers.

Through an efficient supplier management system, we carefully select suitable suppliers, with which long-term relationships are established and nurtured. In the International segment, Fresenius Medical Care classifies and evaluates the performance of new and existing suppliers on the basis of strict quality criteria. This includes compliance with labor regulations and environmental standards.

Audits are conducted to monitor compliance with these standards. The resulting ratings serve as a key planning and decision-taking basis for our sourcing. In 2009, the quality criteria of our supplier rating system was expanded and further harmonized.

The long-term SCALE project was launched, too. Its aim is to align the supply chain management organizational structure and processes more closely to the demand planning in the production and sales divisions. As a first step, a new, standardized IT system for production planning and inventory management was introduced. This increases the planning precision and transparency for optimized inventory management, especially when new products are launched, older product generations are phased out, or new customer contracts are won.

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